No More Boxes!


No More Boxes! is a 4-playe deathmatch platform game where your weapons are physics, and an avalanche of tumbling boxes!

  • Made for Ludum Dare 31:
  • 47th in Fun (out of 2637)
  • 73rd Overall


Death By Physics


The main weapon in the game is physics – the entire arena is filled with tumbling deathtrap boxes!




There are six characters (so far), each with their own unique attack ability.

Whenever a player gets killed, they return with a new power. Master all the powers!


Peruse the following study material to further understand how each character’s ability can be used for good (your own good, of course):

Tosser                                                  Stompy:
char_tosser_3 char_stompy_1

Punchy                                                Sucker
char_punchy_1 char_sucker_2

Porter                                                   Amy:
char_porter_1 char_amy_1


Next up?


The game is currently in alpha, and we’re planning to put it on Greenlight soon.

If you’d like to support us, please follow us on twitter or subscribe to our email list via the widget to the right for more info on its status.

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