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Steven Tu
Go-to guy, Twoplus Games
+27 (82) 791 4555
steven at twoplusgames dot com

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Comments ( 4 )

  1. / ReplyGavin Potter
    Dear Steven, My name is Gavin, I'm an award winning composer from Cape Town. Just wanted to ask if you ever need music written for your games? I also work with a SAMA nominated sound engineer if sound design is needed. You can view my portfolio at I hope to hear from you, will be awesome to work with you. Kind Regards, Gavin
    • / Replytuism
      Hey Gav, thanks for getting in touch, we'll keep you in mind if something suitable comes up :) Cheers!
  2. / ReplyJan Horn
    Hi Steven Jan from Vega School Cape Town here. I was given you contact by Roberto Millan who has been lecturing for us for the last year or so. We are exploring contacts wrt people who might be interested in lecturing onto our new game design qualification as well as Multimedia design. Not sure whether you would be interested? Regards Jan
    • / Replytuism
      Hi Jan While I'm not entirely sure if I'm qualified to lecture as a professional educator in the matter, I'd be happy to explore the subject matter :) would you like to continue the conversation via email? Please shoot me a mail at Steven at twoplusgames dot com! :)

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