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10 Things About VR – A VR Primer [A MAZE 2016 talk]

I did this talk at the 2016 A MAZE International Game and Playful Media Festival in Johannesburg, as a primer for people getting into VR, because I just got into VR, and I got into VR HARD. Absolutely in love with it. (And yes, this is about 2 months late, sorry!)

Download 10 Things About VR slides in pdf

Unfortunately it wasn’t recorded, but here is a very quick and dirty companion to the slides to explain some stuff that won’t be apparent from looking at them:

  1. Origin Story:
    I got into VR because of the Vive. Nothing else was nearly as good. I spent a few weeks jamming games on Free Lives’ Vive, and made three quick prototypes (one I haven’t put online yet) within my limited time with it.
  2. Things I wish I knew about Vive + VR:
    It’s easier than I thought it would be, it has no Mac support, direct sunlight wrecks the sensors.
  3. Simulation sickness:
    Look up the poison berries theory, try not to get people sick.
  4. Depth:
    Such an important dimension that humans already know but had to unlearn in 2D interfaces. Now we can intuitively access it again!
  5. Presence:
    Different ways of convincing human minds of plausibility of the simulation.
  6. Social VR:
    VR is not anti-social.
  7. Ultimate Display:
    VR is one more step along the continuum of technologies that close the gap between one’s private mind and one’s shared reality.
  8. Storytelling:
    VR brings people back to a less singular vision of stories due to the popularisation of books and film and other single-point-of-view medium
  9. Audio:
    Audio is key to immersion, much more than visual. Remember that!
  10. VR is important because:
    See the slides! It’s bigger than any single person!

Beat Attack + missiles + turbo = 0.06 update

We’ve been hard at work on Beat Attack, and it has resulted in a nice update both visually and mechanically.

Look at the difference! 😀



New features include:

Character select + Speed select. You can mirror match too!


The Bear has chuck attacks:


And Landshark has missiles!

And there’s a turbo speed setting that goes up to 170bpm


You can now play it live on Gamejolt, where you can IMMEDIATELY LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS OMG INTERNET POWER




It’s now got its very own page right here.

And we’ve started a the Beat Attack devlog on to document its progress.

Thanks for keeping tabs on us and Beat Attack!

♩♩ Beat, beat, beatbeat, beat beat beat beat beat, beatbeat, beat beatbeat, beat beat beat… 😀

Dead Run submitted + A MAZE 2014

Finally, in the most final of finallies, Dead Run has been submitted to the Apple app store! Now it’s just a matter of four weeks (so I’ve been told) worth of nailbiting anticipation and anxiety.

In the meantime, we’ve just been through the a mazing A MAZE 2014 in Johannesburg. It was as fantastic as fantastic will ever get, and we had an amazing time with some of the most awesome people ever: Did a burn the Keyboard workshop with with Jonatan Sosowski Van Hove, did a Controller making workshop with David Hayward, partied our faces off to Joonas Turner‘s incredible set played off of a NDS, saw Jukio Kallio‘s incredible LD30 virtual instrument thingies, and of course Rami Ismail‘s incredibly cool insights into the indie world, and Sos Sowski‘s boundless mad gamemaking energy.

And so much more!

This might be *the* way to play Dead Run at rAge 2014?! 😀


A MAZE Johannesburg 2014 + Twoplus = <3


The 3rd A MAZE Interact Games and Playful Media Festival is upon us! A MAZE is a festival that originated in Berlin, Germany, led by the indomitable and fearless Thorsten S Wiedemann, and came to Johannesburg for the very first time two years ago in 2012, leading the charge of indie game development in South Africa.

It was exactly there and then that the seeds of Twoplus Games first sprouted, and it is with exceeding love, excitement, appreciation, gratitude, admiration, and fanboyism that I announce that Twoplus will have three games showing at A MAZE – Dead Run, Echo, and one card game – Cartel!

The Festival runs from 10th to 13th of September, in and around the Joburg CBD, in various locations (here’s the full program), and has attendees from all over the world – with names like Rami Ismail of Vlambeer and Sos Sowski, Pippin Barr, Titiana Vilela and muchmuchmuchmore (full list on the site), it’s gonna be something to remember for sure! 🙂

Oh, come say hi and pick up a Twoplus + Dead Run sticker while they last!