Beat Attack

Beat Attack is a versus arcade-puzzle musical brawler specifically engineered for mobile versus play!

It is currently under development for release first to mobile platforms.
You can also play the alpha right on on Gamejolt: playbutton_beatattack

It’s fast and furious, with simple one-tap controls.



It’s asymmetrical, so you get to choose different characters like a fighting game, and each have different, carefully balanced abilities.



Chuck the Bear has block-chucking attacks.



Landshark has missile attacks that disable the opponent’s blocks.



Single player mode gameplay video: 


Versus mode gameplay video:


More characters, abilities and power-ups are still being added. All ideas and feedback welcome!


The game runs according to a variable BPM speed, here’s Turbo speed setting for TRUE masters of the game, running at a whopping 170 BPM!


I’m testing Gamejolt as a prototyping platform, the goal is to have a place where anyone can play AND leave feedback quickly and easily. is a great platform, but it doesn’t allow for easy feedback and commenting, which is important to me.


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